Interior Decor Tips For Your Living Room

Interior Decor Tips For Your Living Room


Are you looking for the best ways to decorate your living room? Well, it’s the first place that people see when they get into your home. It needs to stand out effortlessly. Here are some of the best interior décor tips you should use for your living room.


  1. Mixture Of Light And Dark Elements


If your living room is all white and very bright it seems very clean and unapproachable. However, when it’s all dark, it often feels like cave. However, mixing dark and light themes creates dynamic look that brings out depth and balance. Add both light and is the best choice to make your living room beautiful.


  1. Contrast The Neutrals


Are you hoping to make your living room rich and welcoming? Well, besides adding white and décor options, you can also add various contrasting neutrals. For instance, you can try out brass hardware, caramel leather, blue-gray cabinets and gray sofas to match with your white wall. These neutrals contrast each other and highlight different finishes as well as undertones. They make the palette rich before adding other key elements such as pattern, color and texture.


  1. Play With Texture


It’s quite easy to overlook texture when decorating living room. That’s because you feel texture but don’t touch it. If you want your living room to feel cozy, you should choose plush textures that appeal to the sense of touch as well as harder textures that bring out the contrast.


You should add wool, cotton, metal, glass and stone as well as plant life for the best texture. If you are decorating your living room on budget, adding pillows is great idea. You can add other accessories and furnishings in smaller doses. Get inspiration from Apt2B.


  1. Add Wood


Wood is the top choice of material to bring warmth to your living room. You can add wood to your living room in different ways to make the area more inviting. These include movable stools, wall paneling, picture frames, side tables, carved art pieces and sofa legs.


  1. Mix The Upholstery


Most people only know the option of buying an entire living room as a matching set. It brings out a sense of order and maturity. However, if you want your living room to feel welcoming and cozy, you should mix the upholstery to bring more personality.


For instance, you can mix leather chairs with fabric sofa. The materials will bring out the contrast in the most obvious way. Your living room design will feature some diversity. Even better, different members of your family will choose their seating preferences effortlessly.


  1. Settle For Practical Fabrics


Your living room furniture needs to be durable and comfortable. However, this depends on the family’s needs. For instance, you might have pets or small children who many be untidy or messy. With this in mind, mid-tone fabrics are the best choice. That’s because the light or dark shades will show any dirt or wear immediately.


Leather is a great choice to avoid stains since you can wipe it very fast when a spill happens. However, leather is easily scratched compared to other materials. That’s why it’s not great for a living room with pets. You can’t go wrong with any leather with broken-in look or a pattern that can age very well.


Your living room deserves the best look so use these tips to come up with the best decor ideas for your living room effortlessly.


Updated: August 3, 2020 — 11:28 am

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